Demolish Your Debt: 10 Reasons Why You Need a Biweekly Loan Program

automatic bill payment

Do you ever feel like you forgot to turn off a light before leaving the house? Or maybe you can’t remember if you sent your landlord the rent check. It happens to all of us – sometimes our life becomes so hectic that small, albeit important tasks can sometimes fall under our radar. That’s why AutoPayPlus is here to help you manage your loan payments and make sure everything is taken care of so you can rest easy. Instead of having to remember to make your regular monthly loan payment, AutoPayPlus will debit your account and pay your lender a half-payment every two weeks through automatic bill payment. That adds up to 13 payments a year instead of 12, with the equivalent of one extra payment going toward principal each year. That may not sound like a big change, but that one small difference decreases your interest over the life of the loan and helps you get out of debt sooner. Here are some huge pluses to using AutoPayPlus.

10 tremendous advantages to signing up for a biweekly loan program

  1. Time savings. With a scheduled and automatic bill payment, you never have to worry about whether or not you forgot to pay. It will all happen automatically, so you can focus on other important things in your life.
  1. Payment consistency. With automated payments, you pay ahead gradually but consistently, so the savings really add up. Because it’s easier on your monthly budget, you’re more likely to stick with it and get rid of your debt faster while saving on costly interest payments.
  1. Help toward meeting your financial goals. The AutoPayPlus automated bill payment program doesn’t just schedule and submit your loan payments, we’ll help you figure out a plan that fits your budget and lifestyle so you can be debt free sooner.
  1. Loan Payment Monitoring. Every account is tracked to ensure that payments are being correctly applied and going through on time.
  1. Guaranteed on-time payments. It’s important that you choose a loan payment program like AutoPayPlus that not only provides automatic bill payment services, but guarantees payments will be delivered on time, every time. Without a guarantee, you could face late fees or other penalties. With AutoPayPlus, you’re free from that worry.
  1. Extra benefits. AutoPayPlus allows you online access to your credit score, along with free identity theft monitoring, Edmunds® service recall alerts and easy access to Kelley Blue Book®trade-in values.
  1. Everything in one place. AutoPayPlus allows you to see all of your loan payments in one easy-to-access place through our convenient member portal.
  1. Ability to enroll other loans with no start-up fees. During your open enrollment period, AutoPayPlus allows you to enroll other loans without additional fees, making it a more cost-effective way to help dig out of debt.
  1. No fees to enroll family members’ loans. You can enroll qualified family members’ loans without paying a start-up fee. Ask one of our loan consultants for all the details on how to make savings a family affair.
  1. Round-the-clock phone support. AutoPayPlus is just a phone call away when you need help or have a question.

AutoPayPlus can help you pay down debt faster. You can set up a biweekly payment plan for your mortgage and many other types of loans — student, auto, home equity loan or credit cards. Debits from your account every other week fit conveniently with paychecks and your monthly budget, while an extra half payment twice a year toward principal helps you save on interest over the life of the loan. Use the loan savings calculator at to get started on the road to financial freedom today.

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