6 Best Car Review Sites | Where to Find Best Car Reviews

We’re approaching the most wonderful time of the year, and not just for holiday greetings. October through December are also considered the best months of the year to buy a car, according to Investor’s Business Daily.

“For both buyers and sellers, a new year just begs for a fresh lineup of cars, resulting in hefty discounts on outgoing-year models. December offers the deepest discounts, averaging 6.82% off the sticker price, according to TrueCar, a car pricing and info site. That means a vehicle costing about $36,000 (the average new car price) would fetch a discount of $2,455 in December.”

Much like the holidays, purchasing a new car can be both exciting and stressful. It’s easy to walk onto a car lot and find a visually appealing vehicle that’s fun to drive. But, knowing whether or not your choice is a good decision can be nerve-wracking.

Fortunately, there are some great resources out there to find honest, unbiased reviews for any vehicle you’re thinking about buying. Use these websites before signing on the dotted line to rest easy knowing you just made a great choice for your new vehicle.

Car & Driver

If you like to do your research old school, then the Car & Driver magazine is a great source of honest car reviews. While you can also access some of the reviews on their website, you end up getting a lot more information from the magazine.

Consumer Reports

If you don’t mind paying for access to vehicle reviews, then Consumer Reports is a great source for unbiased automobile reviews. They have built a solid reputation on delivering top notch, details reviews of a variety of different products, with the only downside being that a subscription is required for access.


The Edmunds website offers a wealth of information when it comes to vehicle reviews. You can learn about everything from how the car handled in a test drive compared to similar vehicles to the cost of owning the vehicle over a five year period. The site also has message boards where you can get the opinions of other vehicle owners.

Kelley Blue Book

The Kelley Blue Book brand has built a solid reputation as being the go-to source for automobile information, especially when it comes to value. However, their website offers more than just value assessments. You can also find unbiased automobile reviews on the site and compare the most researched new vehicles.

Motor Trend

Like Car & Driver, Motor Trend offers extensive reviews of new vehicles both on their website and in their magazine. For the most information, you are better off browsing through the magazine, as not all of the same content is available online.

NADA Guides

Like Kelley Blue Book, NADA Guides also has built a solid reputation when it comes to car reviews and automobile value assessments. On their website you can find expert reviews plus consumer reviews from real automobile owners just like you. The website also lets you do side-by-side comparisons of automobiles you are thinking about buying.

By using some or all of these sources, you can pull together plenty information for a solid evaluation of any vehicle you’re interested in purchasing. And best of all, you will know you made the decision using reliable, unbiased information.

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