How can Identity Theft be committed?

Identity theft can be committed online, through the mail, over the phone, in person or in other offline ways. The following are some ways identity thieves gain access to your information:

  • Looking through social media websites to see what you information you have posted
  • “Shoulder surfing” or looking over your shoulder while at the bank, ATM, or DMV
  • Sending spam via email that can cause damage to your computer or give them access to your data base
  • Hacking your computer at work or at home
  • Luring you into providing information using emails and mirror-websites that look legitimate
  • Calling and pretending to be from a legitimate business or the government and asking for information
  • Going through dumpsters, trash sites or garbage cans
  • Completing a change of address form in your name to send mail to another location
  • Stealing your wallet or purse which contains most of your personal information
  • Stealing your mail that includes bank or credit card statements
  • Stealing information from a business or your employer
  • Stealing information from your home

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