What should I do if an identity thief uses my name in criminal violations?

If an identity thief uses your name, date of birth, Social Security Number, or other personal information during an investigation or arrest, the information will be added to your state’s criminal database. The information also may be added to a national criminal database.

If you learn who the thief is, ask the criminal records database manager(s) to change the “key name” in the database. That way, the records will show the thief’s name instead of yours. Contact the agency that made the arrest, the court that convicted the identity thief, and your state Attorney General’s office to get documents that will help you show your innocence.

Contact the law enforcement agency that arrested the thief. File a report about the impersonation. Give copies of your fingerprints, photograph, and identifying documents. Ask the law enforcement agency to compare your information to the impostor’s, change all records from your name to the impostor’s name, and give you a “clearance letter” or “certificate of release” to declare your innocence.

If a court prosecuted a case against a thief who used your name, you need to contact the court where the arrest or conviction happened. Provide proof of your identity, ask the district attorney for records to help you clear your name in court records, and then ask the court for a “certificate of clearance” that states you are innocent.

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