Consumer Notice Requirements by State


US Equity Advantage has a Money Transmitter License, MT-0825649 issued by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions. For consumer complaints or questions, please contact: Arizona Department of Financial Institutions, 2910 North 44th Street, Suite 310, Phoenix, Arizona, 85018, (602) 255-4421.


US Equity Advantage holds a valid and existing license issued by the Office of Financial Regulation for the State of Florida pursuant to Chapter 560 of the Florida Licensing of Money Services Business.  If you have any complaints regarding our authorized US Equity Advantage, contact USEA at (800) 894-5000.


US Equity Advantage is conducting money transmission and has a money transmission license in Georgia.  If you have a complaint or concern regarding the money transmission services, you may contact us toll-free at (800) 894-5000.  For unresolved complaints, you may contact the Department of Banking and Finance for the State of Georgia at: 2990 Brandywine Road Suite 200, Atlanta, Georgia 30341 or by phone at (888) 986-1633.


Money Transmitter Disclosure Notice
Licensee: US Equity Advantage
800 N. Magnolia Avenue, STE 1275
Orlando, FL  32803


After first contacting US Equity Advantage at (800) 894-5000, if you still have an unresolved complaint or concern about the money services activity conducted, please contact the Illinois Department of Financial Institutions, toll free at (877) 710-5331 for suspected violation of the Illinois Transmitters of Money Act.

North Carolina:

State of North Carolina Commissioner of Banks Notice

US Equity Avantage conducts money transmission and is licensed under the Money Transmitters Act.


US Equity Advantage is conducting money transmission services and is a licensed money transmitter in Washington.  If you have a complaint about this service, please contact USEA at (800) 894-5000. USEA is located at 800 North Magnolia Ave., STE 1275, Orlando, FL 32806.