Cool Car Accessories for Every Budget — Part 1

Americans aren’t satisfied with merely owning cars; we’re obsessed with accessorizing them, too. According to SEMA, the trade association for aftermarket suppliers of car accessories, we spent $33.4 billion on aftermarket upgrades for our cars last year. Sure, a lot of that was for mag wheels and novelty license plate frames, but there are people out there who spend their working lives dreaming up new things to do to — and with — your car. Here are a few of their latest ideas.

Fast Meals on the Go

For all of those times when you’re tooling along the open road and suddenly realize that a Hungry Man TV dinner would taste really great right now, there’s the WaveBox 12v Microwave Oven. This durable appliance can plug into your cigarette lighter outlet and whip up some really tasty pizza rolls, General Tso’s chicken or just about anything else from the frozen foods aisle. It delivers 240 watts from your lighter outlet, or you can attach it directly to a 12v battery or to a standard 120v home outlet for 660 watts of cheese-melting, sauce-bubbling, rice-steaming power.

All Fired Up

If your idea of real pizza means nothing less than a wood-fired oven, you can get one of those to go, too. It is definitely not recommended for use inside the car, but this mobile, wood-fired pizza oven is sized and shaped to fit in the cargo compartment of a hatchback. It measures about 30 inches on a side and weighs a touch over 110 pounds. Just pull up to that next scenic overlook, set the oven outside the car, gather yourself some firewood, and in a half-hour, you’ll have real wood-fired pizza.

Tool Time

We’ve all heard stories about people trapped in their cars after accidents. There are a number of escape tools out there, but are you going to be able to reach under the seat after a crash? The BodyGard five-in-one tool fits on your keychain and has the essentials — a belt cutter to release you from a jammed seatbelt and a glass breaker to shatter the side window so you can escape. It also incorporates a sonic alarm to attract attention (or ward off an attacker in a parking lot), an LED flashlight and a distress flasher.

You Light Up My Tires

Spinner rims are so 1990. What you need are some Pimpstar Light Wheels. These are individually programmable LED wheel rims that allow you to display virtually any picture — text, graphics, logos, digital photos — on your wheels while you’re driving. Want to communicate with the driver next to you? Flash them a message on your wheels. You can preload up to six images per wheel and have them cycle automatically. The Pimpstar wheels aren’t cheap — they start at $2,900 each for 22” rims — but if you want to be a star, you have to pay the price, right?

Stop back next time for even more fun car accessories to give your ride the royal treatment it deserves!


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