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cool car accessories

Last time, we showed you some awesome car accessories to thrill any car enthusiast. From handy tools to traffic-stopping style, here are a few more cool car accessories to rev your engine.

Cool Car Accessories

Flashy Paint

While it hasn’t yet permeated the general market, a new paint technology just now emerging in the auto aftermarket seems poised to make a major impact in the auto market and elsewhere. It’s called electroluminescent paint. It’s a liquid compound that can be painted onto a surface — and, when dry and supplied with a small electrical current, it glows like LED light bulbs. So far the paint has been used on motorcycles (a glowing bike is a more visible bike) but is also showing up in custom car paint jobs.

Snow Mess

How many times have you found yourself stuck in a slushy pile of frozen dreck and thought, “I really should remember to buy a shovel and put it in the car.” Yeah, us too. The problem with shovels is they’re kind of big. Now there’s a perfectly car-sized shovel with a blade the width of a common car tire that folds up into a compact 10” x 13” package. There are two grips for extra leverage and, while it may not chip through the ice on Lake Erie, it’s plenty tough enough to scoop snow from around tires to get you mobile.

Handy Fries

Chasing that last McDonald’s fry around the bottom of the bag while trying to drive is very dangerous — maybe even more dangerous than texting. Here’s the solution: The french fry holder. At just $2, this gadget rests in your cupholder and is the perfect size and shape to cradle a full sized helping of crunchily delicious fries. While other folks are going broke to advertise their hobbies on their wheels, you can smile all the way to the bank — or the drive-thru.

Happy Trails to You

The iconic teardrop shaped pull-behind trailer is back! There are plenty of affordable options from manufacturer Tab, but the one that caught our eye was the Max L luxury model with a 23” flat screen, DVD-CD sound system with sub-woofer and an electric fireplace. There’s even a galley, a dinette and a loo (of course). The Tab is not at the max as far as luxe trailers go — it’s possible to spend more on one of these than on the average home — but it comes with an appropriately affordable price, under $20,000. Besides, it just looks cool.

Have you pimped your ride in a creative way? We’d love to hear about it!


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