5 Simple Tips for Curb Appeal on a Budget | AutoPayPlus

Making improvements to your curbside view doesn’t have to require a second mortgage. Here are some simple, low-cost ideas to help your house put its best face forward and boost your curb appeal

Paint the Front Door.

Changing the accent color on your door can give your house a whole new look. Be sure to go to the paint store first and get some advice about proper prep and the right products to use. Not sure what color to pick? Look around on Houzz and create a digital “ideabook” of door colors that ring your bell.

Plant Flowers and Trim Overgrown Bushes.

Go to the local garden center and pick up some annuals to add a pop of color to your landscape. If your budget is really tight, limit your plantings to containers near the front door to give your entrance a face-lift. Trimming the bushes is free, if you don’t pay a landscaper to do it — just be sure to research when it’s the right time in your climate zone to cut back your particular shrubs to be sure they’ll bloom again next year. Don’t let unsightly overgrowth hide the beautiful features of your home.

Top off Your Mulch.

A little extra mulch can go a long way toward giving you a more manicured landscape — and for very little money. You’ll have a choice of several types, including pine bark, pine straw, and synthetic materials that resist breaking down with exposure to the elements.

Power Wash and Clean your Windows.

You may be surprised at the color hiding behind all that grime on your exterior. Hire a power-washing expert if you’re not experienced at this task, since high-power machines can actually cause damage if used improperly. Then clean those windows until they sparkle — an added benefit will be all the extra light they let in.

Change out the Mailbox and Doormat.

Exposed to rain, sun and snow, these items can really take a beating over time and lose their luster. A shiny new brass or black painted mailbox and generously sized doormat can create a welcoming feeling at your front door. While you’re at it, clean up the door hardware and light fixtures. Now you’re ready for company!



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