8 Ways to Curb Your Car Costs

curb your car costs

curb your car costs

An Average Car Costs About $10,000 a Year to Own — Learn Why and What You Can Do to Curb Your Car Costs


According to the 2015 AAA report Your Driving Costs, the average medium sedan costs its owner more than $9,700 a year to drive over the first five years. A large sedan can set you back close to $12,000 per year over the same time. The AAA study has been published since 1950 and is based on a car driven 15,000 miles per year — it includes expenses such as taxes, registration, insurance, tires, maintenance and even the depreciation incurred when purchasing a new vehicle.

It’s easy to see why it can be hard for the average family to get ahead given those astonishing numbers, especially considering that many households own and operate two automobiles. We’ve put together a fun infographic that shows a number of ways you can cut your car costs significantly. And we’d love to hear from you if you’ve come up with some other creative ways to save on car ownership.




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