When Is Your Debt Freedom Day?

Debt Free

When will you be debt free? What’s that — you don’t know?

Well … what if you could?

What if you knew there was a date or an age by which you were confident you would be living debt free? How would it feel knowing that as long as you made payments as scheduled it would all be behind you on that day?

With AutoPayPlus, now you can.

Just ask us for your personal Debt Freedom Plan. We’ll look at all your debts and calculate the exact payments you’ll need to make on a biweekly or monthly basis to be debt free by the date you specify. Then we’ll work with each of your lenders to make sure your extra payments are applied to principal, which can save you on costly interest payments along the way.

With AutoPayPlus, you can view all your loans and household bills in one place and monitor your progress. And if you want to take a break from paying down your debts faster, no problem — you can revert to your original schedule whenever you’d like.

With AutoPayPlus, you get all the benefits of automated payments: convenience, no late payment fees, no missed payment dings on your credit report, less time and hassle writing out bills, etc. with a concierge debt management service to help you strategically pay down all your debts. You probably monitor your progress toward savings and investment goals. Isn’t it time you gave the same attention to your debts?

When is your Debt Freedom Day?

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