Frequently Asked Questions

What is AutoPayPlus?

What is the Kelley Blue Book integrated trade-in value?

How does the AutoPayPlus biweekly loan payment service work?

Who is US Equity Advantage? How is USEA affiliated with AutoPayPlus?

How much does it cost?

How do I change my debit date?

Are my transactions secure?

How can AutoPayPlus help me pay down my debt faster?

Why do I need AutoPayPlus — can’t I accelerate loan payments on my own?

Will my payments be processed if the office is closed?

What loans can I enroll in AutoPayPlus™? Is it just for loans?

What does my enrollment fee cover?

Why do I need to send you my lender statement/loan account number? Can you still make my payments without it?

What if I want to cancel? Are there any cancellation fees?

Once my information is verified, when do my payments begin?

How much faster will my 30-year mortgage be paid off with the AutoPayPlus biweekly loan service?

How much can AutoPayPlus help me save on my mortgage with biweekly loan payments?

My car loan is already enrolled. Is there any additional cost to enroll my mortgage with the AutoPayPlus?

Will I have to refinance my home to enroll it in AutoPayPlus?

Can I stop making biweekly payments and return to monthly payments?

What happens if I sell my home before it’s paid off?

When is the best time to start making biweekly payments on my mortgage? I’ve owned my home for a number of years — is it too late to enroll my loan in AutoPayPlus?

How much can I save in interest on my car loan through AutoPayPlus?

I’m already making biweekly loan payments on one car enrolled in AutoPayPlus™ — can I add my other car too?

What happens if I sell or trade in my car before it’s paid off?

How much faster can I pay off my 60-month car loan with the AutoPayPlus loan payment service?

How much will I be able to save by enrolling my student loans into the AutoPayPlus payment service?

What happens if I defer my student loans after I start the AutoPayPlus payment service?

How much sooner can I pay off my student loan with biweekly loan payments through AutoPayPlus?

I’ve been paying off my student loans for a few years already — can I still benefit by enrolling them in AutoPayPlus?

Can I really save that much on my RV by making biweekly loan payments with AutoPayPlus?

Can I enroll more than one RV or power sports vehicle with AutoPayPlus?

What happens if I decide to trade in or sell my RV or power sports vehicle?

How much faster can I pay off my RV with an AutoPayPlus payment plan?

Will I have to refinance my RV loan to enroll it in AutoPayPlus?

Besides making biweekly payments, what can I do to save even more on my credit cards with AutoPayPlus?

Is there a limit to how many credit cards I can enroll?

When enrolling my credit cards, am I transferring my balance to AutoPayPlus?

Do I have to consolidate my credit cards to enroll them in the AutoPayPlus?

Why should I know my credit score?

How often can I check my score?

How much will I have to pay to receive my credit score?

I have a question about the accuracy of my VantageScore credit report from TransUnion?

What can I do to improve my credit score?

How can enrolling my loans in the AutoPayPlus help improve my credit score?





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