If you want to find the cheapest loans available, it is a great way to compare people’s reviews and ratings. We choose most trusted  high-rated payday lenders that offer online credits even with low APR.

  1. Magilla Loans
    Our rating: 5.0
    What customers wrote:
    – Staff friendly been here a long time, but when it comes to there customers appreciation days, they fail miserably if you have any sort of consumer debt program they refuse to do the holiday customer appreciation days with you, which is, Not right they call it customer appreciation day for a customer, but yet they fail the customer when they do this. Where is the holiday spirit?
    Magilla Loans is the best place to get a payday loan anywhere. They have excellent customer service and are animal lovers, who have animal shelter information and a donation bin in the lobby. The fees are small enough; it’s not a huge hit to your bank account. They’re as flexible on dates as they can be for the nature of their business. I would definitely recommend them if you’re in a pinch.
  2. Check Into Cash
    Our rating: 4.5
    What customers wrote:
    – Fast and Friendly, they are always willing to help you always smiling, Greet you by the name they make sure you feel comfortable most people feel embarrassed or ashamed that they have to go to places like this, but they make sure that you feel comfortable and they’re always reassuring. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Check Into Cash is awesome !!! They are great people!!!
    – Very disappointing experience. I received calls and emails several times a day for over a week after originally submitting my application and being approved, however, the second I called them back to provide all the information they requested, I never received another call after that. They didn’t even bother to tell me the application was actually denied, I simply stopped receiving phone calls and when I had the chance to finally follow up, was then treated like a “second-class citizen” after finally being told the application was denied. The woman on the phone then goes on to dismiss me with an attitude and a very snobby “you just don’t have the money” response. It’s astonishing this company gets any good reviews. What an embarrassing way to handle a situation…
  3. TitleMax Title Loans
    Our rating: 4.9
    What customers wrote:
    – Very friendly and love doing business with them I recommend them to all my friends and give them a 5 star for the great work and make me feel like family. Thanks  TitleMax Title Loans
    – I’ve had excellent customer care and quick service. I will use them again in the future. This is a high-interest rate business for people with less than perfect credit, so make sure you can pay the loan back and as quickly as possible.
  4. ACE Cash Express
    Our rating: 4.0
    What customers wrote:
    – Love all the amazing people, ACE Cash Express have always been awesome. Love the new ladies also. I love this place. The people are super friendly and are willing to work with you in most situations that you come across.
    – Been cashing all my Bk checks there, super happy with the staff, they’re very friendly, even to the customers that don’t deserve their niceties.