• Automated accelerated payments expedite payoff to save in costly interest payments or traditional bill pay for unlimited loans.*

  • Plan & Protect Services Bundle.

  • Account audits to ensure lenders are applying extra principal payments correctly.

  • Loan specialists to help you set up your account and ongoing support from our Orlando, Fla. customer care team.

Plan & Protect Services Bundle

Select credit and vehicle services from our trusted partners to protect you from costly credit mistakes and fraud, plus vehicle monitoring programs to protect your investment and help you plan smart purchasing decisions.

Monthly Credit Score, 24/7 Credit Monitoring and Instant Alerts, Quarterly Credit Snapshots, Biannual Credit Reports

Vehicle Value Monitoring will help you pinpoint the optimal Time to Trade.

Vehicle Service Recall Alerts to keep you safe on the road.

Benefits and Costs Example:

72-month loan for $28,995.00 at 6.99% APR

Benefit Calculation

Loan Servicing Value

$ 262

Minimum Credit and Financial Services Value

$ 527

Interest Savings

$ 534

Total Benefits

$ 1,323

(Total Benefit does not include convenience, budgeting, elimination of late fees and confidence in knowing you will pay off faster)!

Cost Calculation

Enrollment Fee

$ 399

66 Mos. Debit fees (pay off the loan 6 months early)

$ 350

Total Cost

$ 749

Total Benefit

$ 1,323

-Total Cost

$ 749

Minimum Benefit Dollar Value

$ 574

Improved Equity at Early Trade (47 mos)


Improved Equity at Full Term (66 mos)



  • One-time fee of $2.45 for Account Verification and Identify Verification

*There is an Enrollment Fee of up to $399 and debit fees of up to $2.45 per debit for the AutoPayPlus service not included in the calculations. Ask your dealer for details. There are also numerous benefits in addition to just the interest savings. For a full breakdown of all costs and benefits please see above. In all cases where interest savings may be less than the actual costs of the program, the minimum retail value of the AutoPayPlus benefits are greater than the program costs. All numbers shown are estimates only.

AutoPayPlus offers a Payment Guarantee and it’s fast and easy to get started.

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