The Secret of Getting Ahead | Start Financial Planning

The Secret of Getting Ahead | Start Financial Planning

Welcome to the new AutoPayPlus blog, written for our customers and for anyone looking to get ahead in life. Our content is for everyday people with questions about personal finance and sometimes-tough decisions to make about how to spend smarter and save money.

We’ll be writing stories to help you navigate the sea of personal finance information – covering topics like budgeting and planning, debt management, mortgages, car loans, and more, distilling strategies into compact and doable items.

You’ll hear from our leadership, employees and customers; and along the way, we hope you will define your financial objectives if you haven’t already, and chart a course for meeting them.

The name of this blog post, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started,” is a saying most often attributed to Mark Twain or Agatha Christie (no one really knows who said it). At AutoPayPlus, it’s our rallying cry and the inspiration for our blog called, Getting Ahead.  

We hope you find our posts informative and easy to use. Since this is an exchange, we want you to tell us if we’re hitting the mark or not, if there are topics you’d like us to cover, and any other ideas on how we can make it better.

Happy sailing!

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