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(Updated from November 16, 2015)

Thanksgiving on a Budget Can Still Look Festive

If it’s your turn to host friends and family for Thanksgiving this year, it’s time to start planning a dinner, brunch or lunch that won’t bust your budget. Don’t get caught up in the need to impress family and friends if it will burden your finances. Thanksgiving is about sharing and giving thanks for what we have.

Save Money Before and After the Big Day with These Practices:

  • Buy off-brand: Save money by buying generic versions of supporting ingredients like broth, spices or veggies.
  • Shop early: You can avoid the Thanksgiving mob and really take the time to search for sales. Going the day before is crowded, stressful, and most of the good stuff, including the deals, have already been purchased.
  • Host a Thanksgiving potluck: Save time and money by inviting your guests to share their favorite dish. Everyone has at least one heirloom or favorite dish they like to see on the table, and this gives guests with dietary concerns a way to ensure they have something they can eat. Telling the stories of these dishes can be a great conversation piece to add to the dinner table.

Thanksgiving Fun Facts

  • 51,650,000 turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving day
  • Americans spend approximately $3 Billion on Thanksgiving dinner food
  • The average household spends $59.18 on Thanksgiving dinner
  • The average household spends $342 on meals over the Thanksgiving weekend

View the SlideShare above for some inexpensive and delicious recipes to try this Thanksgiving!



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